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What is a Pondlet?

A Pondlet is similar to a class chapter. It is a thematic based learning module with a topic that is supported by a collection of learning elements such as:

o   Dialogue,

o   vocabulary modules,

o   grammar points,

o   cultural notes,

o   and exercise types.

Words in the vocabulary section are connected to the right side panel, where students can explore important information at level appropriate to them.

The side panel provides a set of additional learning sources, such as:

o   Word Pond,

o   Character Pond,

o   Radical Pond,

o   In-Context Dictionary,

o   and Favorites.

Students learn with many different Pondlets, answer the questions, play with games, and ultimately, excel at consecutive levels.

Pondlets are presented in a card format at the top of the page.


Updated on October 12, 2016

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