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How do I access Pondlets?

1. From the left side panel, click on My curriculums   image049-2
The My curriculums page displays.  image069
2. Click on the Name of a Curriculum to see the list of Pondlets that make up that curriculum  image007-2
The selected Curriculum displays.

The Pondlets are displayed as cards.

3. Click on the name of the Pondlet to open up the Pondlet content page  image012-2

The system will log the length of time the Pondlet is used by a student.
The Pondlet content page displays.

Scroll down to see the different sections of the Pondlet:







Language Note  image021-2
4. From the left side panel click on Exit Pondlet to exit the content and complete the log correctly  image023-2





Updated on December 15, 2016

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