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PONDDY Levels Table


PONDDY LEVEL 0: Novice level is for students who are new to the language.

PONDDY LEVEL -: Un-leveled words can be compound words of words from any other levels.

Ponddy Level Ponddy Description Recommend ACTFL HSK TOCFL CEFR Color Code
0 Novice First year of high school Novice Low  Novice Mid 1-2 A1 Under A1 #7de67d (125,230,125)
1 Beginner First year of high school Novice Mid

Novice High

3 A1 A1 #3ee0ad
2 Beginner II Second Year of High School Novice High

Intermediate Low

4 A2 A2 #19b6ff
3 Intermediate Third Year of High School Intermediate Mid

Intermediate High

5 B1 B1 #274ef4
4 Intermediate II Fourth Year of High School or Second Year of College Advanced Low

Advanced Mid

6 B2 B2 #7147f9
5 Advanced Third Year of College Advanced High C1 C1 #d547f9
6 Superior Fourth Year of College Superior C2 C2 #f94758
Un-leveled Words that are not covered in the level system. (not necessary more difficult, such as compound words) Un-leveled n.a n.a. #9f9f9f


Updated on October 13, 2016

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